#Yegdt Notes – January 9, 2013

After a short break for the holidays, we’re getting back into the swing of things!

  • Thank you to everyone that came out to our Annual Christmas Mixer on December 13. It was great to celebrate the holidays with neighbours and friends!
  • Also in early December was the first winter patio party, in celebration of the recently adopted WinterCity Strategy. Organized by ‘NextGen & Friends’, about 150 brave souls spent time dancing and sipping warm drinks to keep warm. Blankets provided by DECL were appreciated by the chilly crowd. Winter can’t be long enough – lots of events are planned for 2013!
  • Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks at Churchill Square at NYE –  there was quite a turnout (via @mastermaq)
  • You have probably heard all about it already – we were so proud to announce at our new space on December 18 that we secured a federal grant for renovations. Construction could start in the next few weeks if all goes according to plan.
  • Deadline for submissions for the 2nd annual Alley of Light IllumiNITE Outdoor Exhibition of Light Art is January 18. The event takes place on the long weekend of February 18 – 20. Full details of events that weekend will be released in the coming weeks.
  • Dub Architect’s Bellamy Hill condo public meeting is Monday, January 21. Updated renderings showing a slightly lower tower were released as part of their DC2 application.
  • A $22m Request For Proposals (RFP) went out before the holidays to build a funicular on 104 Street, connecting Jasper Avenue to the river valley. We gave a few thoughts to CBC (but most of the interview was cut unfortunately).
  • Wondering what to do around downtown and Edmonton this winter? Check out the Edmonton Journal’s Winter Map.
  • I heart #yegdt! Vote for ‘Edmonton’s Best Neighbourhoods 2013‘ in the 2nd annual Avenue Magazine survey.
  • Nomad Mobile confirmed they will be opening up in the McLeod Building with mixologist partners The Volstead Act.
  • Mexx is opening this spring in Edmonton City Centre.
  • Is there a JOEY Restaurant coming to downtown?
  • Not downtown, but totally worth going to: Deep Freeze Festival is this weekend on Alberta Avenue.